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HTML5 bar graph behavior
*Legend. The legend does not show bar or trace data (y) values. Data values are only shown in the mouseover tooltips (if mouseOverFlag = 1). Labels longer than 200 pixels are wrapped in the legend, and labels longer than 150 pixels are clipped in the tooltip. The width and height of the legend is different between the bar chart implementations. Bar width and spacing differs slightly between the chart implementations.
*Bar values. The web chart automatically selects a text color and shadow to contrast with the corresponding bar, ignoring barValueTextColor.
*Y axis autoscaling. Given the same y data values, the web bar chart may choose a different value range for the y axes in autoscale mode as compared to the older charts. Also the format and number of y axis labels shown on the web chart are determined automatically, unlike the swing bar chart where various yAxis* properties are used.
*X axis label rotation threshold, spacing, and count differ between implementations. Also the web chart may skip labels on some bar groups to avoid crowded or overlapping labels.
*Zooming. You can zoom in on the chart's X axis (Y axis if drawHorizontalFlag = 1) by dragging across the plot area.
*Reset button. If you change the chart's visible range, via the scrollbar or by dragging the cursor to perform a zoom, then a button labeled Reset will appear in the upper left corner of the plot area. A click on this button will reset the x axis to its original settings.
*Scrolling. If the mouse is moved below the bottom of the chart while dragging the scrollbar, the scrolling will stop. This is unlike the behavior of other rtview objects, which will continue to scroll until the mouse button is released.
*The perspective in 3D mode differs (above-right perspective in swing chart, center perspective in web chart).
*The waterfall total bar (if visible) is not labeled on the X axis of the web chart.
*The web chart plots each trace point in the center of the corresponding bar group, while the swing chart plots each trace point on the center of each corresponding bar.

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