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The route statement
The route statement evaluates the expression and then sends the resulting event to the front of the current context's input queue.
The expression you route must be an event. The event is processed only within the same context that executes the route statement.
Routed events are put on the input queue, ahead of any externally sourced events, and ahead of any previously routed events that have not yet been processed. For more details, see Event processing order for monitors.
The isExternal() property on events is not changed by routing an event.
The route statement can operate on any values as well as events, provided that the any value is of a routable event type.
You cannot route an event that has a field of type action, chunk, listener, or stream. There is a runtime check if the event (or one of its members) can contain an any field; an exception is thrown if the any field contains an object of type action, chunk, listener, or stream.

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