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The log statement
The log statement writes messages and accompanying date and time information to the correlator's log file, if one was specified when the correlator was started.
If there is no log file, then the message is written to the correlator's standard output stream stdout.
The expression that you log must be of type string. The value is written only if the current logging level in effect is a priority equal to or higher than the log level specified in the log statement, with the exception of OFF. If you do not specify a level, CRIT, the highest priority level, is used. At a log level equal to OFF, only logs explicitly set to this level will be written. For details, see Logging and printing.
For example:
log "Your message here" at INFO;
This EPL statement produces a log message that looks like this:
2010-07-11 09:08:49.200 INFO [3716] - MyMonitor[1] Your message here

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