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Sample plug-ins in Java
A simple plug-in in Java
A more complex plug-in in Java
A plug-in in Java that sends events
A plug-in in Java that subscribes to receive events
Apama provides sample EPL plug-ins written in Java, located in the samples\correlator_plugin\java directory of your Apama installation. The samples are:
*SimplePlugin – a basic plug-in with one method that takes a string, and returns another string.
*ComplexPlugin – a plug-in that has several methods and handles more complex types.
*SendPlugin – a plug-in that demonstrates passing contexts around and sending events.
*SubscribePlugin – a plug-in that shows how to subscribe to receive events sent on a particular channel.
The samples\correlator_plugin\java directory contains the Java code for the samples, the EPL code for the Apama applications that call each of the plug-ins, the deployment descriptor files, and an Ant build.xml file for building all of the samples. The directory also contains a README.txt that describes how to build and run the samples as well as text files that depict what the output of the samples should be like.

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