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EPL Plug-ins in C and C++ Written Prior to 10.0
Comparison between the new and old APIs
Migrating from 9.12 or older plug-ins
Writing a plug-in in C or C++
Advanced plug-in functionality in C++ and C
The EPL plug-in APIs for C and C++
This chapter describes the differences between the old API and new API, and it explains how to migrate your existing EPL plug-ins to use the new API.
In addition, this chapter still provides the information for the API that was used until version 9.12. Note that this information is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that you now use the new API as described in Writing EPL Plug-ins in C++.
Use of the old API will now produce warnings both at compile time and when injecting monitors into the correlator which use a deprecated plug-in.

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