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New support for managing and monitoring with REST APIs
You can now monitor Apama components with the Apama REpresentational State Transfer (REST) HTTP API. This provides monitoring capabilities to third-party managing and monitoring tools or to any application that supports sending and receiving XML documents over the HTTP protocol.
Apama components expose several URIs which can be used to either monitor or manage different parts of the system. Generic management URIs are exposed by most Apama components, while other URIs are exposed only by specific types of components. Most URIs are purely for informational purposes and will only respond to HTTP GET requests and interacting with them will not change the state of the component. However, some URIs allow the state of the correlator to be modified. For example, to set a component's log level, the /logLevel URI accepts an HTTP PUT request containing an XML document that specifies the log level.
For example: GET http://localhost:15903/correlator/status returns an XML document that contains:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="/resources/transform.xslt"?>
<map name="apama-response">
<prop name="numConsumers">0</prop>
<prop name="numOutEventsQueued">0</prop>
<prop name="numOutEventsUnAcked">0</prop>
<prop name="numOutEventsSent">0</prop>
<prop name="uptime">67657</prop>
<prop name="numMonitors">0</prop>
<prop name="numProcesses">0</prop>
<prop name="numJavaApplications">0</prop>
<prop name="numListeners">0</prop>
<prop name="numEventTypes">0</prop>
<prop name="numQueuedFastTrack">0</prop>
<prop name="numQueuedInput">0</prop>
<prop name="numReceived">0</prop>
<prop name="numFastTracked">0</prop>
<prop name="numEmits">0</prop>
<prop name="numProcessed">0</prop>
<prop name="numSubListeners">0</prop>
<prop name="numContexts">1</prop>
<prop name="virtualMemorySize">262540</prop>
<prop name="numSnapshots">0</prop>
<prop name="numInputQueuedInput">0</prop>
<prop name="mostBackedUpInputContext"><none></prop>
<prop name="mostBackedUpICQueueSize">0</prop>
<prop name="mostBackedUpICLatency">0.0</prop>
For more information on using the REST API, see "Managing and Monitoring over REST" in Deploying and Managing Apama Applications.

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