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License Terms and Technical Restrictions
Using Apama 9.10 and higher without a valid license file means the product will function as Apama Community Edition. This binds the user and any related organization to the Freemium license terms in the Software AG license agreement (refer to the license agreement for further details). In addition, the following Apama Community Edition restrictions also apply:
*Support is not available from Software AG’s Empower support portal.
*Projects cannot incorporate more than 10 correlators.
*Attribution is required in the end application’s Help/About screen or relevant alternative (for example, "Streaming analytics by Software AG Apama").
*The correlator will execute EPL on a maximum of 4 CPU threads (and so performance may be restricted).
*The correlator does not permit processing Apama queries against distributed stores such as Terracotta DB's TCStore (that is, in-memory store only).
*Reliable messaging with connectivity plug-ins is not permitted.
*Correlator-integrated messaging for JMS only permits best-effort messaging (that is, reliable messaging is not permitted).
*The correlator log file includes notes highlighting it is running without a valid license file.
*The correlator will terminate if its resident memory usage rises above 1024MB.
*The correlator only permits 20 contexts to be created (and so performance may be restricted).
*The correlator only permits 5 EPL monitor types to be persistent.
*The correlator cannot read user-generated correlator deployment packages (CDPs).
*The correlator only handles 5 Apama query definitions.
*The correlator only handles 5 instances of each Apama query definition.
*The correlator only handles 50 unique partitions for an Apama query.
See also Running Apama without a license file.
If you need to remove these Apama Community Edition restrictions, then please contact Software AG to purchase Apama.

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