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Support removed from Apama 5.1
Support for the following features has been removed from Apama:
*IAF-based adapter for JMS
*Routers - A router is a specialized correlator that is optimized to partition events so they go to different correlators. With this release, any correlator can be used as a router and the documentation includes information and instructions for configuring this.
*The engine client simple/bean receiver in the engine client API for Java and for .NET. Applications still using this deprecated event receiving mechanism (that is, using the setReceiveEnabled() Java method or ReceiveEnabled .NET property) should be changed to use the addConsumer() method instead, which will require moving event handling code out of the property changed listener into a new IEventListener implementation.
*Third-party products
*Actional adapter
*Control Tower
*Savvion adapter
*Sonic ESB service

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