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New distributed MemoryStore
The Apama MemoryStore now provides the ability to create distributed stores in which data can be shared by applications running in multiple correlators. Distributed stores are supported by distributed caching software from a variety of third-party vendors. Apama provides a driver for integrating the distributed MemoryStore with the Terracotta BigMemory Max distributed caching software. Apama also provides a Service Provider Interface (SPI) for creating drivers to use with other third-party distributed cache providers.
In Apama Studio, you can configure a correlator to use the distributed MemoryStore by selecting Distributed MemoryStore Support in the Correlator Configuration dialog. See "Correlator arguments" in Using the Apama Studio Development Environment (renamed to Using Apama with Software AG Designer in version 9.9).
For information on using the distributed MemoryStore and for creating drivers for third-party distributed caching software, see "Using the MemoryStore" in Developing Apama Applications.

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