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EPL enhancements in 9.10
Apama 9.10 includes the following EPL enhancements:
*A new method add() has been added to the Table class of the MemoryStore. add() does the same as get(), except that it does not check if the row that is to be added already exists in the table until commit() is called and it therefore never throws an exception. If you are sure that the row does not yet exist, you can use add() as this is faster than get(). See also Creating and removing rows.
*All comparable types can now be used with the comparison operators (<, >, <=, >=, = and !=). This includes sequences and dictionaries where all members are of a comparable type. See also Comparable types.
*The following new built-in aggregate functions are now available:
The built-in positional aggregate functions first(value), last(value) and nth(value,index) now also support integer, string, boolean and location types. In addition, nth(value,index) now also supports negative indices to get items from the end of the window (-1 means the last item, -2 means the second last item, and so on).
The built-in aggregate functions min(value) and max(value) now also support integer types.

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