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Specifying a time period in Query Designer
In Query Designer, you can specify a length of time:
*To wait before or after an event pattern occurs. This is in the Wait operator in an event pattern.
*In which all events in the pattern or some events in the pattern must be received. This is in a query time constraint condition.
When you specify a time period, it must be one of the following:
*A time literal, which is an integer or float value, followed by a space, followed by one of the following:
*Insert a space between consecutive time literals. For example, you could enter 5 min 10.0 sec.
*A float literal, which can be a float value or an expression that resolves to a float value. An expression can use constants and parameters. A float literal always indicates a number of seconds.
For example, the following specifications are valid:
*10 sec
*3.5 hours
*5 days
*90 min 30.0 sec

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