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Errors in query definitions
In the Design tab of Query Designer, as you add and edit the information that defines the query, Query Designer immediately displays error messages if you enter text that is not allowed or if you leave out a required item. Query Designer is optimized to prevent you from saving a query definition that contains an error. However, if there is an error in the query definition then Software AG Designer displays an error icon in the Query Designer section that defines the part of the query that contains the error, for example: This appears in the toolbar of the section that contains the error. Hover over the "Errors (1 Item)" text, for example, to display a message that describes the error. You must resolve the error before Query Designer can save your query definition.
Any syntax errors in the Source tab prevents the Design tab from being used. You must correct any syntax errors in the Source tab before you can view the query in the Design tab..
A query file fails to run in the Correlator at the time of launching the Apama project if the query file has the following errors:
*Syntax error — These errors prevent the Design tab from appearing. The syntax errors include errors such as mismatching brackets or quotes, missing semicolon (;) from end of statements.
*Validation error — These errors prevent reporting of semantic errors, and are highlighted in the sections of the Design tab. The Completion proposals do not appear in the Custom EPL dialog. The validation errors include errors such as inconsistent keys across the inputs.
*Semantic error — These errors are highlighted in the sections of the Design tab if there are no validation errors. The semantic errors include errors such as using the wrong type in an expression, or using a variable or field that does not exist.

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