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About blocks
Introduction to block definition files
Description of block interface elements
How scenarios communicate with their blocks
Blocks are modules that you can import and use within your scenarios in Apama's Event Modeler. Blocks accept inputs, execute logic of their own, and generate output. Their primary purpose is to provide scenarios with access to complex functionality that can only be programmed in Apama Event Processing Language (EPL). They also provide an element of reuse. EPL is the native language of the correlator.
For more information on writing EPL code, see Getting Started with Apama EPL.
Apama is distributed with a library of blocks that perform a variety of tasks such as general and financial analysis, order management, and timing. For more information on these, see Using Standard Blocks. If an application requires additional functionality, you can create custom blocks.
The topics below provide more introductory information about blocks.

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