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Description of Dashboard Builder and Dashboard Viewer
Apama's Dashboard Builder enables you to create end-user dashboards and prepare them for deployment. For applications written in EPL, you create data views and use Dashboard Builder to create a dashboard from the data views.
Dashboard Builder is a visual design environment. A primary goal of Dashboard Builder is to enable non-technical users to create sophisticated dashboards. Consequently, Dashboard Builder provides a complete design and deployment environment. With a wide range of visual objects and drag-and-drop development, Dashboard Builder provides the tools needed to create highly customized dashboards from which users can start/stop, parameterize and monitor Apama data views.
Dashboard Builder offers an extensive array of graphical widgets with which to build custom user dashboards. Meters, gauges, tables, graphs, and scales are available for creating highly customized dashboards. You can further personalize the interface through addition/deletion of panels or modification of graphics and color schemes.
Dashboard Viewer is the tool that end-users run to access dashboards.
See also Building Dashboard Clients and Using the Dashboard Viewer.
Note: This documentation refers to using the dashboard components provided with Apama. If you are using MashZone NextGen instead to visualize your data from Apama, refer to the MashZone NextGen documentation.

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