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Becoming familiar with Apama
To become familiar with Apama, you should
*Work through the tutorials in Software AG Designer. On the Welcome page, click Tutorials under the Apama heading. The tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for developing EPL applications.
*Execute and examine the demonstration applications available from Software AG Designer. On the Welcome page, click Demos under the Apama heading. The demonstration applications are interactive. You can create instances of queries, set parameters for queries, and watch the queries execute. The demonstrations provide simple examples of what Apama can do and how you might interact with your Apama application.
*Examine sample code. Your Apama installation directory contains a samples directory that contains many examples of queries, monitors, JMon programs, EPL plug-ins, Apama client programs, and more.
*Read all of this material, Introduction to Apama, so that you have a broad understanding of what Apama is all about.
*Understand what is covered in the Apama user documentation. Peruse the documentation so that you know where to look for particular information. You can then refer to the documentation for the component you need to use.

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