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Running the Software AG Uninstaller
You uninstall Apama using the Software AG Uninstaller. For detailed information on how to use the uninstaller, see the Using Software AG Installer guide.
In short, you uninstall Apama as follows:
*Windows. Use the standard uninstall functionality of Windows. The Control Panel offers the following entry: Software AG Products: installation-directory. When you choose to uninstall the directory containing your Apama installation, the Software AG Uninstaller is invoked.
*UNIX. Log on to the machine as the same user that installed the products, open a terminal and run the software_ag_install_dir/bin/uninstall script. Use the -console argument if you wish to run the console uninstaller rather than the graphical uninstaller.
The uninstaller will not remove the Apama work directory. If you do not want to keep its contents, you can remove it manually.

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