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Variable types
Variables can be of four types in Event Modeler:
*Text (or string)
*Number (integer or float depending on constraint)
*Choice (or enumeration)
*True/False (or conditional, or boolean)
Text variables contain textual information, like words, phrases or sentences. An example of valid text is “Hello World”, “Monday”, “ACME” or “Trading Strategy executed successfully”. Text values are normally shown in double quotes. If you want to have quotes in your text, you can escape them as follows: “he said \"hello\" and left”.
Number variables can contain numbers. Valid examples are 1, 25.0, -45.62, or 8902e8.
Choice variables are constrained so that they can only have values from a specific set of pre-defined values. For example, the choice variable Day could be constrained so that it can only have one of the values “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”or“Sunday”.
True/False variables, also known as condition variables, can only take the values true or false.
You can also specify constraints on variables according to their type. For example, you can specify maximum and minimum values for a Number variable.

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