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About global rules
When a state has both global and local rules, Event Modeler starts processing with the first global rule. If Event Modeler processes all of a state's global and local rules, it starts at the top, works through the global rules, and then works through the local rules.
To create a global rule, click the Add a New Global Rule button in the right part of the title bar of the Global Rules panel. This adds the new global rule to every state except the end state. If you add a new state after you create a global rule, Event Modeler automatically adds any global rules to the new state.
If you do not want a global rule to apply to a particular state, select that state, and then click the Activate/Deactivate button in the top right corner of the global rule. This toggles whether the selected rule is processed for the selected state. See Activating and deactivating rules for more information.
To determine which states a global rule applies to, click the global rule to select it. All states that this rule applies to have dashed orange borders. If a global rule is unfinished the title of the rule appears in red italics and the titles of all states that the global rule applies to appear in red italics in the Event Flow pane. The Problems view displays information about any unfinished global rules.
There is an example of a scenario that uses a global rule in the scenarios\samples directory of your Apama installation directory.

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