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Overview of MemoryStore events
The MemoryStore defines the following events in the com.apama.memorystore package. Most of these events contain action fields that serve as the MemoryStore interface.
*Storage — The event type that provides the interface for creating stores.
*Store — A Store event represents a container for a uniquely named collection of tables.
*Table — A Table event represents a table in a store. A table is a collection of rows. Each table has a unique name within the store. A table resides in memory and you can store it on disk if you want to.
*Schema — A Schema event specifies a set of fields and the type of each field. Each Schema event represents the schema for one or more tables. Each table is associated with one schema. All rows in that table match the table's schema.
*Row — A Row event represents a row in a table. A row is an ordered and typed set of named fields that match the schema associated with the table that the row belongs to. Each row is associated with a string that acts as its key within the table. You can change the values of the fields in a row.
*Iterator — Provides the ability to manipulate each row of a table in turn.
*Finished — The MemoryStore enqueues a Finished event when processing of an asynchronous action is complete.
*RowChanged — The RowChanged event is used only in a distributed store. In a distributed store, the RowChanged event is sent to all applications that have subscribed to a specific table whenever changes to data in a row in that table have been successfully committed. This behavior is optional and is supported by some, but not all, third-party distributed cache providers.
For details about these events, see the information for MemoryStore in the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) .

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