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Loading monitors into the correlator
During development, you use Software AG Designer to load your project, including monitors, into the correlator. Software AG Designer ensures that files are loaded in the required order.
At any time, you can use the engine_inject correlator tool to load EPL files into the correlator. See Injecting code into a correlator.
In a deployment environment, you can load monitors into the correlator in any of the following ways:
*Use the engine_inject tool.
*Write a program in C++, Java, or .NET and use the corresponding Apama client API.
If you try to inject a monitor whose name is the same as a monitor that was already injected, the correlator rejects the monitor. You can inject two monitors with the same name into the correlator only if they exist in different packages. To specify the package for a monitor or event type, add a package statement as the first line in the EPL file that contains the monitor/event definition. For example:
package com.mycompany.mypackage;
monitor Foo {

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