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How EPL applications compare to applications in other languages
EPL is an event-oriented programming language, as opposed to an object-oriented language. Because EPL is part of an event-processing framework, it requires a different approach to decomposing the problem you want to solve.
EPL syntax is similar to other scripting languages. EPL has variables, data structures, conditions, and procedures (called actions in EPL). But EPL supports a paradigm that is different from that supported by other scripting languages:
*A monitor or a query is the basic module in EPL programs.
*All communication is by means of message passing.
*All processing is triggered in response to events.
*Monitors spawn instances of themselves to generate multiple units of execution and/or to initiate parallel processing. A query uses a key to partition incoming events and can share the same data across multiple correlators.
EPL requires a different way of developing applications.

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