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Allowable event field types
A field in an event can be any Apama type. See also Types.
Certain field types are valid only within a certain scope and you cannot pass events with such field types outside that scope. The details are as follows:
*context — When an event contains a context type field, you can send the event to other monitors within the same correlator but you cannot send the event outside the correlator. In other words, you can send or route the event. See Generating events.
*chunk, listener and stream — An event that contains one or more of these types of fields is valid only within the monitor that creates it. You cannot send, route, or enqueue an event that contains a field of type chunk, listener or stream.
If an event contains a chunk, listener, or stream field you cannot listen for that event.
For more information, see the description of event in the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) .

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