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About service monitors
Of course, all monitors can be considered to be providing some kind of service. However, as mentioned earlier, it can be helpful to view the monitors that make up your application as either core processing monitors or service monitors. It is common for a single instance of a service monitor to provide data to a set of monitor instances spawned from a core processing monitor instance.
Apama provides a number of service monitors that fit this pattern. These service monitors provide support for the following:
DataView Service
Exposes read-only data to dashboards. This data comes from EPL and Java applications.
Password Service
Supports retrieval of passwords from implementation-specific providers.
Scenario Service
Provides support for all scenario-based applications.
In addition, there are a number of service monitors for use by adapters:
ADBC Adapter
Provides event capture and playback in conjunction with Apama's Data Player in Software AG Designer. Also monitors Java database connectivity (JDBC) and open database connectivity (ODBC).
IAF Status Manager
Monitors connectivity with an adapter.

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