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Sending the read request
After you construct an OpenFileForReading event, emit it to the "FILE" channel. For example:
com.apama.file.OpenFileForReading openFileWeWantToRead :=
new com.apama.file.OpenFileForReading;
//populate the openFileWeWantToRead event
emit openFileWeWantToRead to "FILE";
Emitting an OpenFileForReading event from EPL code signals the File adapter to open the file. If the open operation is successful, the File adapter returns a FileHandle event.
The sessionId is the most important field; all communication related to this file references this value.
If the open operation is unsuccessful, the File adapter returns a FileError event.
See the com.apama.file package in the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) for detailed information on the FileHandle and FileError events.

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