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Required XML codec properties
The XML codec requires you to set the XMLField and transportName properties. All other properties are optional.
XMLField — This property identifies the field name that XML will be read from when decoding, and will be written to when encoding. The flattened XML representation is stored in fields with names prefixed with the value you specify for the XMLField property.
When you are familiar with how the XML codec behaves, you can specify the XMLField property multiple times to parse/generate multiple XML documents per event. Parsing follows the order in which XMLField properties appear, and generating XML follows the reverse order.
It is possible to use this mechanism to parse an XML string embedded as CDATA in another XML string. To do this, specify the flattened field name of the CDATA node as an XMLField. However, note that sequence fields across separate CDATA nodes are not supported.
transportName — The XML codec sends upstream events to the transport that this property identifies. This transport must be defined in the same IAF configuration file.

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