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Out of Band Connection Notifications
Mapping example
Ordering of out of band notifications
When a sender and receiver component, such as a correlator, connects to or disconnects from the Integration Adapter Framework (IAF), the IAF automatically sends out of band notification events to adapter transports.
Out of band events make it possible for a developer of an adapter to add appropriate actions for the adapter to take when it receives notice that a component has connected or disconnected. For example, an adapter can cancel outstanding orders or send a notification to an external system. In order to make use of the out of band events, adapters need to provide suitable mapping in the adapter configuration file. Adapters are also free to ignore these events.
For general information about using out of band notifications, see Out of band connection notifications. Keep in mind that the OutOfBandConnections event, which is mentioned in that topic, is used to get only the senders and receivers that are connected to correlator.

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