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Monitoring the File adapter
You can use the File adapter status manager (FileStatusManager.mon in the adapters\monitors directory) to monitor the state of the File adapter.
The File adapter sends status events to the correlator, some of which are asynchronous (not requested) status messages. This occurs as a result of connection status changes, which happen in response to a file being closed or opened.
For single files, the File adapter sends an AdapterConnectionOpenedEvent when it opens a new file for reading or writing, and an AdapterConnectionClosedEvent when it closes a file. When the File adapter uses a wildcard pattern to open a series of files, in addition to those events, the File adapter sends an AdapterConnectionClosedEvent event after it has read everything in a file, and an AdapterConnectionOpenedEvent event when it opens the next file. This is an analogous pattern to the EndOfFile and NewFileOpened events sent by the adapter itself.

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