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IAF Watch – Monitoring running adapter status
The iaf_watch tool allows you to monitor the live status of a running adapter. The executable for this tool is located in the bin directory of the Apama installation.
To monitor the status of a running adapter, run the following command:
iaf_watch [ options ]
When you run this command with the –h option, the usage message for this command is shown.
If the adapter is listening for control connections on a non-standard port (specified with the -–port option to the iaf tool), you must pass the same port number to the iaf_watch tool.
By default, the tool collects status information from the adapter once per second and displays this in a human-readable form.
The iaf_watch tool takes the following options:
-h | --help
Displays usage information.
-n host | --hostname host
Name of the host to which you want to connect. Non-ASCII characters are not allowed in host names.
-p port | --port port
Port on which the IAF is listening.
-i ms | --interval ms
Specifies the poll interval in milliseconds.
-f file | --filename file
Writes status information to the named file. The default is to send status information to stdout .
-r | --raw
Indicates that you want raw output format, which is more suitable for machine parsing. Raw output format consists of a single line for each status message. Each line is a comma-separated list of status numbers. This format can be useful in a test environment.
If you do not specify that you want raw output format, the default is a multi-line, human-readable format for each status message.
-t | --title
If you also specify the --raw option, you can specify the --title option so that the output contains headers that make it easy to identify the columns.
-o | --once
Outputs one set of status information and then quits. The default is to indefinitely return status information at the specified poll interval.
-v | --verbose
Displays process names and versions in addition to status information. The default is to display only status information.
-u | --utf8
Writes the output in UTF-8 encoding.
-V | --version
Displays version information for the iaf_client tool.

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