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IAF Management – Managing a running adapter I
The iaf_management tool is provided for performing generic component management operations on a running adapter. It can be used to shut down a running adapter, request the process ID of a running adapter, or check that an adapter process is running and acknowledging communications. The executable for this tool is located in the bin directory of the Apama installation. Any output information is displayed on stdout.
See also IAF Client – Managing a running adapter II for IAF-specific management information, as opposed to this generic component management tool.
To manage a running adapter, run the following command:
iaf_management [ options ]
When you run this command with the –h option, the usage message for this command is shown.
For historical reasons, iaf_management does the same as engine_management. The only difference in behavior is that iaf_management defaults to the default IAF port (16903).
For detailed descriptions of all options and exit values, see Shutting down and managing components.

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