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File adapter plug-ins
The Apama File adapter uses the following plug-ins:
*JMultiFileTransport.jar — The JMultiFileTransport plug-in manages the connections to the files opened for reading and writing.
*JFixedWidthCodec.jar or JCSVCodec.jar — These plug-ins parse lines of data in fixed-width format or comma separated value format (CSV) into fields. For details about using these codec plug-ins, see The CSV codec IAF plug-in and The Fixed Width codec IAF plug-in.
These plug-ins need to be specified in the IAF configuration file used to start the adapter. If you add this adapter to an Apama project in Software AG Designer, these plug-ins are automatically added to the configuration file. If you are not using Software AG Designer, you can use the File.xml.dist template file as the basis for the configuration file. See Configuring the File adapter for more information about adding the necessary settings to the adapter's configuration file.

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