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Using EDA events in Apama applications
Rules that govern automatic conversion between of EDA events and Apama events
Rules that govern EPL name generation
Creating Apama event type definitions for EDA events
Automatically mapping configurations for EDA events
Manually mapping configurations for EDA events
Software AG's Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) allows information to be published so that one or more interested consumers can subscribe to what was published. Published data is in the form of EDA events. Each EDA event adheres to an XML schema (.xsd file) that defines an EDA event type.
In an Apama application, you can use correlator-integrated messaging for JMS to consume and publish EDA events. The topics below provide instructions to help you do this, and they also describe the conventions that Apama uses in Software AG Designer to map EPL events and EDA events.
Note: Software AG's Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) is deprecated. Support for EDA events will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that your Apama applications use digital event types instead, as provided by Software AG Digital Event Services. For further information, see The Digital Event Services Transport Connectivity Plug-in.

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