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Overview of deploying and managing query applications
Typically, query application deployments script the start up and management of all Apama query application components outside of the Apama development environment in Software AG Designer. Apama recommends the use of the following to aid in this:
*The Ant export facility of Software AG Designer, or
*Command Central
Queries can also be run from Software AG Designer. However, Software AG Designer can run only a single correlator deployment. To run multiple correlator deployments, use either Apama macros for Ant or Command Central.
Queries can be deployed on a single node, but typically would be deployed across multiple nodes, forming a cluster. While involving more components, a cluster provides:
*Scale out across multiple hosts.
*Resiliency against failures.
*Continued availability if some nodes fail.
Using a cluster will involve the following:
*Some number of correlators that are executing queries.
*A distributed MemoryStore for storing event history. Terracotta DB's TCStore is the recommended MemoryStore driver for Apama queries.
Note: Support for using BigMemory Max for Apama queries is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
*A JMS bus for distributing events to correlators.

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