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Overview of deploying components with Command Central
Software AG Command Central is a tool that release managers, infrastructure engineers, system administrators, and operators can use to perform administrative tasks from a single location. Command Central can assist with the following configuration, management, and monitoring tasks:
*Infrastructure engineers can see at a glance which products and fixes are installed, and where. Engineers can also easily compare installations to find discrepancies.
*System administrators can configure environments using a single web UI, command line tool, or API so maintenance can be performed with a minimum effort of risk.
*Release managers can prepare and deploy changes to multiple servers using command-line scripting for simpler, safer lifecycle management.
*Operators can monitor server status and health, as well as start and stop servers from a single location. They can also configure alerts to be sent to them in case of unplanned outages.
For Apama components, Command Central supports the following features:
*Installing Apama product and fixes using Command Central. For more information, see Installing Apama.
*Creating, deleting, starting, stopping, and configuring Apama component instances (correlator, Integration Adapter Framework (IAF), dashboard data server, and dashboard display server instances).
*Monitoring whether component instances are started or stopped.

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