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Monitoring with Prometheus
Prometheus is an open-source project that is used for monitoring application state. See https://prometheus.io/ for detailed information on Prometheus and how to use it.
Standard correlator status
Apama exposes many internal correlator statistics as Prometheus metrics over HTTP on the /metrics endpoint. For the full list of built-in metric names, see List of correlator status statistics.
A sample demonstrating basic Prometheus usage, such as what metrics are exposed and how to define new metrics, can be found in the samples/prometheus/basic directory of your Apama installation.
User-defined status
In addition, any user-defined status can be exposed over Prometheus, provided the status name is acceptable and the value is lexically equivalent to a number. All user-defined status names first go through a simple escaping scheme where each comma (,), period (.) and hyphen (-) character is replaced by an underscore (_), and then checked against the Prometheus metric name regex. If this passes, the name is considered acceptable.
Note: Each user-defined status that is exposed as a metric is of the gauge type.

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