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Performance logging when using JMS
The JmsSenderSettings and JmsReceiverSettings configuration objects both contain a property called logPerformanceBreakdown which can be set to true to enable measurement of the time taken to perform the various operations required for sending and receiving, with messages logged periodically at INFO level with a summary of measurements taken since the last log message. The default logging interval is once per minute.
Although this property should not be enabled in a production system where performance is a priority because the gathering of the performance data adds unnecessary overhead, it can be indispensable during development and testing for demonstrating what each sender and receiver thread is spending its time doing. To produce more useful statistics, note that the first batch of messages sent or received after connection may be ignored (which will affect all statistics logged, including the number of messages received and throughput). All times are measured using the standard Java System.nanoTime() method, which should provide the most accurate time measurements the operating system can achieve, though not usually to nano second accuracy. For more information on the logPerformanceBreakdown property, see XML configuration bean reference.

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