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Durable topics
JMS durable topic subscriptions are supported for both static and dynamic receivers. This lets Apama applications persistently register interest in a topic's messages with the JMS broker. If the correlator is down then messages sent to the topic will be held ready for delivery when the correlator recovers.
Statically configured durable topic subscriptions cannot be removed. When a dynamic receiver using a durable topic subscription is removed, the JMS subscription to the topic will be removed at the same time, before the REMOVED receiver status notification event is sent. A consequence of this is that the removal of a receiver will not be completed until the JMS connection is up, in order that the subscription can be removed from the JMS broker. Note that durable topic subscriptions cannot be created using BEST_EFFORT receivers.
The preferred method of subscribing to a durable topic is to use the addReceiverWithDurableTopicSubscription (or addReceiverWithConfiguration) action on the com.apama.correlator.jms.JMSConnection event. For more information on these actions, see the JMSConnection event documentation in the ApamaDoc documentation.

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