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Difference between doc literal and RPC literal WSDLs
In the "RPC literal" style of WSDL, the XML document that forms the request and response in the SOAP body includes a parent tag of the operation name. All the message parts are provided under that parent tag. On the other hand, the "doc literal" style of WSDL uses only one message part in the SOAP body so the XML document contains just a single message part.
In light of the above, it is important to note that when mapping Apama entities to create the XML request, or mapping the response XML back to Apama, the mapping should always be done to/from the message parts, regardless of whether it is a doc literal or RPC literal WSDL. The operation name tag for RPC literal WSDLs will be accounted for automatically and should not be supplied in the request by Apama, and it will not be provided in the response to Apama.

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