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About deploying dashboards
Dashboard deployment and administration involves the following activities:
*Deployment package installation and configuration. See Deploying Dashboards.
*Data server and display server management. See Managing the dashboard data server and display server.
*Security administration. See Administering Dashboard Security.
Before you perform these tasks, you should familiarize yourself with the deployment and administration concepts described in Dashboard Deployment Concepts.
Deployment options
Dashboards can be deployed as simple thin-client web pages or as files that can be loaded into a locally-installed desktop application, the Dashboard Viewer. These deployment options are described and compared in Deployment options.
Data server and display server
Scalability and security of dashboard deployment are supported by the use of the data server and display server, which mediate dashboard access to running DataViews. The data server and display server are introduced in Data server and display server.
Process architecture
Simple thin-client web-page dashboards communicate with the display server via servlets running on your application server. Locally-deployed dashboards communicate directly with the data server. The structure of deployed configurations is detailed in Process architecture.
Builders and administrators
Dashboard deployment involves the use of a dashboard deployment package that was generated by Apama's Dashboard Deployment Configuration Editor in Software AG Designer. In some cases, the user that generated the deployment package is different from the user that installs and configures the deployment and administers the data server. The information that must be transferred between these two types of users is discussed in Builders and administrators.

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