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Configuring the BigMemory Max driver
Note: Support for using BigMemory Max for queries is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that you now use Terracotta DB's TCStore for queries.
If you still want to use BigMemory Max for queries in new projects, you can add a BigMemory Max driver to the project as described below. Existing deployments using BigMemory Max for queries are unaffected; this only covers developing new projects in Software AG Designer. Keep in mind that you can no longer select the option Apama Queries (using BigMemory). This option has been replaced by the Apama Queries (using TCStore) option.
* To configure the BigMemory driver in a new project
1. In Software AG Designer, add the Distributed MemoryStore adapter bundle to your Apama project. In the Distributed MemoryStore Configuration Wizard, select BigMemory as the Store provider and specify "ApamaQueriesStore" as the store name. See Configuring a distributed store for more detailed information.
Note: If you specify a different store name or do not specify a name at all, an in-process only memory store will be used.
2. Check that the cluster name is set correctly for the host/port pairs of all of the BigMemory Terracotta Server Array.
3. Set the providerDir property to the Terracotta installation directory.
4. Optionally, edit the on-heap and off-heap storage and other parameters as needed (see BigMemory Max driver details).
Important: You must leave the useCompareAndSwap property in its default (true) setting for correct behavior of Apama queries.

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