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Rotated tables
Rotated table: Background group
Rotated table: Cell group
Rotated table: Column group
Rotated table: Data group
Rotated table: Grid group
Rotated table: Historian group
Rotated table: Interaction group
Rotated table: Label group
Rotated table: Object group
Rotated tables display tabular data by swapping rows and columns. For each row of the data, there is a column in the displayed table; for each column in the data, there is a row in the displayed table.
Use the valueTable property to attach data to a rotated table.
Include a new line character (\n) in the cell text to display multi-line text.
To copy data to the system clipboard so that it can be pasted into another application, right-click and select Copy Table Values or Copy Cell Value.
When a rotated table is selected in the Builder canvas, the Object Class Name that appears at the top of the Object Properties pane is obj_table03.
The Object Properties panel organizes rotated table properties into the groups below.

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