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The XMLDecode is similar to XML codec functionality intended to be used in the Web Services Client adapter and correlator JMS. The XMLDecode uses the Least Recently Used (LRU) cache to avoid repeating the decode when multiple rules are working off of the same XML source. For example, JMS body or web service response.
The XMLDecode supports the following properties:
*skipNullFields - Default value is True.
*trimXMLText - Default value is False.
*generateTwinOrderSuffix - Default value is True.
*generateSiblingOrderSuffix - Default value is False.
*logFlattenedXML - Default value is False.
*namespaceAware - Default value is False.
*xmlField - This property needs to be set only if nested XML within a CDATA section needs to be parsed.
See The XML codec IAF plug-in for a detailed description of XMLDecode properties.
For properties with multiple values, use a comma (,) to separate the values.
For multiple properties, use a semicolon (;) as a separator and the equals sign (=) to separate the key and value.
The XMLDecode functionality can be used in two ways:
*As a mapping action. See Specifying transformation types.
*As a mapping method using the Add Computed Node dialog. See Add Computed Node dialog .

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