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Using codecs
You can add one or more codec plug-ins to each chain which is defined in a YAML configuration file.
For example, you can add or configure the Classifier codec to have rules that determine which Apama event types to use for each message that comes from the transport and is sent towards the correlator (host). Alternatively you can use the Mapper codec for more advanced cases, or for simple cases where there is only one incoming event type for which you can set a defaultEventType in the apama.eventMap.
Or you can add or configure the Mapper codec rules to have rules that customize the mapping between the fields in your Apama event definitions and the payload and metadata of the transport messages, and that set default values in case any fields are missing. In some cases, you may wish to write rules to get or set the metadata.sag.type which specifies the Apama event type, or the metadata.sag.channel which specifies the correlator (EPL) channel name.
You can add, remove or configure any other standard codecs you wish to use, such as the JSON codec. For more information, see Codec Connectivity Plug-ins.

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