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Creating a new alarm
send Alarm("","c8y_SampleAlarm","<SOURCE>",<TIME>,
"Alarm text", "<STATUS>","<SEVERITY>",1,{}) to Alarm.CHANNEL;
*<SOURCE> is the source of the alarm (same as the ManagedObject identifier).
*<TIME> is the time at which the alarm was generated.
*<STATUS> is the status of the alarm. This can be ACTIVE, ACKNOWLEDGED or CLEARED.
*<SEVERITY> is the severity of the alarm. This can be CRITICAL, MAJOR, MINOR or WARNING.
Alarm de-duplication. If an active or acknowledged alarm (does not work for the CLEARED status) with the same source and type exists, no new alarm is created. Instead, the existing alarm is updated by incrementing the count property, and the time property is also updated. Any other changes are ignored, and the alarm history is not updated. The first occurrence of the alarm is recorded in firstOccurenceTime.

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