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Validation colors
Fields in the dialog change colors according to the information entered. These colors indicate whether or not information is valid. Information entered into the dialog is validated against the selected database or the Database Repository file. See Specifying application options for information on how to create a Database Repository file. Note: Filters and advanced SQL queries are not validated.
The following describes the significance of the Attach to SQL Data validation colors:
*Blue: Unknown, that is, entry does not match any known database (or you have not attempted a connection—see Note below).
*Yellow: Offline, that is, not connected to database.
*White: Valid.
*Red: Invalid. Database is valid, but Table or Column(s) selected are not.
Note: If a database is unknown, when you click OK or Apply Apama will attempt to communicate with it using using the defined connection. If the validation response remains unknown, see SQL tab for information on how to add a database. If you are using a direct JDBC connection you will need to add your database in Application Options.

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