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Tree control limitations
In the Display Viewer, mouseover text is displayed only if the tree has focus.
In the Thin Client:
*The tree node appearance, such as spacing and fonts, might vary slightly as compared to the Display Viewer, and also may vary slightly between different browsers.
*A tree node cannot expand/collapse by double-clicking it. The +/- icon must be clicked.
*In Internet Explorer, nodes expand/collapse even if the tree enabledFlag property is unchecked. (However, the tree actionCommand cannot be invoked).
*In Mozilla Firefox, the horizontal scrollbar might appear and disappear after each mouse click in the tree.
*In iOS Safari (iPad), if the tree mouseOverFlag property is checked, a user must click a tree node twice to invoke the tree command. The first click only displays the node mouseover text.
*In iOS Safari (iPad), scrollbars will not appear in a tree control. If the tree contains more nodes than are visible, use a two-finger drag gesture inside the tree area to scroll.
*In iOS Safari, a click on the +/- icon expands/collapses the node as expected. However, if the execOnLeafOnlyFlag property is unchecked, the tree command is also run.

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