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Title bar/Toolbar
The title bar/toolbar appears at the top of the Configuration Editor. It allows you to select a configuration to edit. It also allows you to add, remove, and rename configurations, as well as to start the Packaging wizard.
The title bar/toolbar includes the following elements:
*Title: Dashboard Deploy: followed by the project name appears at the far left.
*Configuration field: A drop down list of configurations appears next to the label Configuration:. These are all the existing dashboard configurations for the current project. When you edit a configuration, you must first select the configuration from the list.
*Dashboard Package: Starts a wizard that can generate deployment packages for one or more of the available configurations.
See Using the Dashboard Package wizard.
* Add: Adds a new, named configuration
* Rename: Renames the configuration specified in the Configurations field (see above).
* Remove: Removes the configuration specified in the Configurations field (see above).

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