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HTML5 pie graph behavior
There are some behavioral differences between the swing pie chart and the HTML5 pie chart:
*Stretching. Unlike the swing pie chart (obj_pie), the HTML5 pie chart does not stretch to an oval shape to fill the available space. Instead, the HTML5 pie chart remains round, with its diameter determined by the smaller dimension.
*Slice Order. In the swing pie chart, the bottom edge of the first wedge/slice corresponding to the first row in the valueTable is drawn at 0 degrees (that is, its bottom edge is horizontal). The slices for subsequent rows follow in counter-clockwise order. In the HTML5 pie chart, the first slice is drawn at 90 degrees, so its left edge is vertical. The slices for subsequent rows follow in clockwise order.
*Tooltip. The tooltip on the HTML5 pie chart shows the label and value for a wedge, but does not show its computed percentage.

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