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Database repository
Click Save Database Repository to save a file that contains available information for tables and columns in your database. Before saving a database repository, you must add the database or databases from which the file will retain information.
Note: If Apama does not make a connection with your database, then information from that database cannot be saved to the database repository file.
Information stored in the database repository file will be used to populate the initial values of drop down menus in the Attach to Data dialog. Note: The saved file will be named sqlrepository.xml. If the name of the database repository file is changed, Apama will not be able to locate the file. As a result, drop down menus will populate based on databases added from the Application Options dialog or those typed directly into the Attach to Data dialog.
When you click Save Database Repository, a confirmation dialog will appear to verify in which directory you would like to save the database repository file. If you specified a directory for your initialization files, all repository files will be saved to, and read from, that directory. If you select the lib directory, the repository file will be available from any directory where you run Apama. If you do not select the lib directory, the repository file will be saved in the directory where you started the current session and will only be available when you run Apama from that particular directory.
See Setting up SQL database connections for details on editing an existing database repository file.

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