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Dashboard support for Apple iPad
Apama dashboards are supported on Mobile Safari for iOS on the Apple iPad. See the Supported Platforms document for details of the versions that are supported.
Any dashboard built with this Apama release is fully functional when viewed on the iPad, provided that the dashboard
*Is a display server deployment
*Defines no System Command to Run DOS Command or UNIX Shell
When you develop dashboards targeted for the iPad, use Layout mode for best results.
End users should be aware of the following characteristics associated with using a dashboard on the iPad:
*If mouseover text and drilldown are both enabled on a visualization object, two touches are required for drilldown. The first touch on an element (for example, a bar of a bargraph) displays the mouseover text for that element, and the second touch on the same element performs the drilldown.
*Drilldown results in a new browser tab, rather than a new window.
*You can scroll pages and listboxes by using two-finger scrolling.
*If you minimize Safari by clicking on the iPad's home button, the display will not update until you wake up the iPad or reopen Safari. In some cases it may be necessary for you to refresh the page from Safari's navigation bar.

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