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Configuring tabbed navigation panels
As a child of the rtvLayout element, you can specify one or more rtvTabbedDisplayPanel elements. An rtvTabbedDisplayPanel element creates a panel with tabs for navigation. The display inside the panel is specified by the following rtvTabbedDisplayPanel attributes:
*tabs - Specify the name of a tab definition file. This XML file should describe the tabs you want in the panel. See Using tab definition files.
*display - Specify the name of the display (.rtv) file to load into the panel.
*subs - Specify initial substitutions for this panel. Substitutions are optional and must use the following syntax:
$subname:subvalue $subname2:subvalue2
If a substitution value contains a single quote you must escape it by using a forward slash, for example:
If a substitution value contains a space it must be enclosed in single quotes. Do not escape these single quotes. Following is a correct example:
$subname:subvalue $subname2:'sub value 2'
A substitution string cannot contain the following characters:
: | . tab space , ; = < > ' " & / \ { } [ ] ( )
Substitutions that you set in Application Options apply to all displays.
*region - Specify the position of the panel as west, east, center, north, or south.
*placement - Specify top or bottom to indicate where you want the tabs to appear in the panel.
Following is an example of; an rtvDisplayPanel element:
<rtvDisplayPanel region="north" name="title_panel" display="title.rtv"

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